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 Announcing Aeroseal - Duct Sealing from the Inside Out
During our residential Home Inspections we often have noted issues with the HVAC air delivery systems. Many of our clients suffer the effects of duct leakage - poor comfort, high dust levels, odors, and elevated energy bills. 

According to EPA, DOE, ASHRAE, Oak Ridge Laboratories, Berkeley and other organizational testing facilities, you lose 20%-40% of your conditioned air through your HVAC air duct system (even new construction).   The Department of Energy reports that $.30 on every $1.00 you spend on conditioning your home is lost!

 Up until now, we had limited means of correcting the situations that we found during Home Inspections. We now have a way! It’s called Aeroseal.
I have recently invested in the Aeroseal system in collaboration with our longtime affiliate, DocAir who is a Franklin-based company specializing in providing home performance solutions.
Aeroseal is a cost-effective solution to the previously unsolvable problem of building air leakage.   AeroSeal is a patented process initially developed through the University of Berkeley, California. I worked with this amazing technology several years ago at the commercial level while designing and constructing computer clean rooms in the Boston area. Today we are able to bring this technology to our residential customers.
The reason why Aeroseal is so important:
Air duct leakage is not just about energy cost.  Indoor air that leaks to the exterior of the building pulls in the same volume of air from the outside - crawl spaces, attic, wall cavities, etc. These are undesirable sources for "fresh air”, often containing contaminants such as radon gas, mold spores and allergens. Do we really want to expose ourselves and our children to these significant health issues?
During hot, humid weather, the unconditioned air leaking into your home brings in moisture, which can create a petri dish for fungi , dust mites, and bacteria. 
Air leaks may also affect your comfort. If you suffer from very hot or very cold areas in your home, duct leakage may be responsible. Your existing HVAC system may not be able to deliver the necessary air flow to keep you comfortable. When this happens, you may resort to adjusting your thermostat to compensate. This forces your HVAC equipment  to operate  longer, increasing your utility bills and reducing the effective life of the equipment.
 If you are considering the purchase of a high efficiency HVAC system, Aeroseal will deliver a much higher return on investment. Sealing your air duct system will increase the effective SEER performance of your system much more than equipment replacement alone. It makes no sense to invest in expensive high SEER equipment and continue to waste the conditioned air through the old leaking duct system.
 If we cannot significantly reduce your airflow leakage rate, the inspection is Free!
 Take a look at this video from "This Old House" (another past affiliate from New England). They state that that your investment in Aeroseal should be returned in as little as 2-3 years through reduced energy bills.  More importantly, this investment does not depreciate like other equipment purchases. The savings continue and even increase when utility rates go up. Aeroseal is covered by a 10 year warranty.

After the Aeroseal treatment, you will receive a graphic report showing you Pre and Post air leakage performance like the certificate  below from the home of Mike Holmes (the star of Holmes on Homes). Mike personally endorses this process.

If you’re interested in this offering (or if you know someone experiencing any of these issues) contact me directly or DocAir (615-373-2498) to set up an appointment for a free assessment.

For additional information or an appointment, submit  a Request Form here.

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