Client Testimonials

Hey David!
Thanks for doing a great job with the inspection last week.  Your efforts helped catch some very important issues and I value your expertise.
As you might remember me mentioning I also own another home in the neighborhood that I have been trying to sell.

XXXXX, mentioned that it might be wise to go ahead and have an inspection done to try and discover any issues that a potential buyer might want addressed if they have the home inspected before purchase.
Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!!

Brentwood, TN


Thank you for your thorough report. What would it cost to have you go back out once the water is turned on?

I want all of these things presented to XXXXXXX to be repaired. Most of these issues should be able to be handled with a minimum amount of work or cost.

I am somewhat dismayed that someone has been turning off utilities and hindering our ability to do a proper inspection. First the electricity and now the water! Is this a cost issue? Are they really saving money by turning off utilities in an unoccupied house? Please ask XXXXXXX to investigate who is turning these off and why. Also inform him that I expect any additional cost for David's return inspection will be covered by his company.

I wanted to do a final walk-through on Thursday afternoon and close on Friday. I am also amenable to doing the final walk-through on Friday and closing on Monday.

Thanks for everything!
Franklin, TN

Thanks, David!   You were great.  Thanks for such an in-depth report.

Nashville, TN


Thanks for the great detail!!

Clarksville, TN