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  1. How much does a Home Inspection cost?
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How to calculate your home inspection prices? 

Up to 1,200 sqft           $330.00                $.34/sf
1,201 to 1,500 sqft       $360.00            $.24/sf
1,501 to 2,000 sqft       $380.00          $.19/sf
2,001 to 3,000sqft        $420.00            $.14/sf
3,001 to 4,000sqft        $460.00            $.12/sf
4,001 and up call for a quote......

These prices are a national average prices.

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The first question we most often get from home buyers looking for an Inspection is "How much do you charge"? I wish it was as simple as providing a cost per square foot!

All inspections are based upon the same inspection criteria set by the State of Tennessee, however this may not be sufficient information for your particular needs. It is imperative that we consider the house you are looking at and your particular concerns. We must design the home inspection to fulfill your expectations.

A Home Inspection will not find every defect in the home as the State of Tennessee Home Inspection Law contains limitations, exceptions and exclusions to how we inspect. You do not own the house yet and we have to respect the homeowner's rights and property.

At Andersen & Asso.,  I specialize in a wide assortment of building diagnostics that reach far beyond the standards of a home inspection. Many of these nonintrusive inspection techniques can be employed during a home inspection so you can better understand the property you are investing in. 

For example; a roof leak may be occurring into the attic but has yet to pass through the ceiling below. As these leaks are not "visible", they do not fall within the purview of the home inspection. Infrared thermal imaging can rapidly and inexpensively identify and document active roof leakage and the extent of damage that has occurred.

Does the house have mold? Mold requires moisture to thrive. As you cannot see mold spores or moisture in many cases it is very important to identify excessive moisture.

Inspection of the HVAC system is part of the home inspection but it is limited to operating the equipment from the thermostat in the heating or cooling mode corresponding to the season in which the home inspection is conducted. The air conditioner will not be operated during the winter months. Though home inspectors will try to measure temperature differentials of the air entering and leaving the equipment, these tests are inconclusive. The testing required to properly diagnose the equipment often requires additional licenses and certifications that the home inspector does not have. This is simply someone else's job which ends up being "deferred" to other contractors by the home inspector. You the homebuyer incurs an additional inspection fee by the mechanical contractor on top of the home inspection fees.

My home inspection fees will be different when compared to other home inspectors, but the real difference is that you only pay once for the inspection to find out what needs to be repaired.

Give us a call and let us custom fit an inspection for your particular property and to fulfill your expectations, not the minimum standard of the Tennessee Home Inspection Law.

We can inspect to the Tennessee State standard (daylight/flashlight like everyone else), or use the high-tech electronic equipment I use in other types of building analysis.  It's your choice. All homes are not created equal. All clients do not have the same needs. 

You can contact me through this site (Book An Inspection) or by calling 615-406-6808.

A copy of the multiple listing  sheet or MLS# will assist us in assessing your inspection needs.

Our insurance carrier requires inspection payment prior to receiving the written inspection report.
Payment for inspection services must be arranged upon completion of the inspection (or prior to the inspection if you cannot attend).
Payment can be made by check or by Credit Card .
No escrow payments will be accepted without prior approval. Additional account processing fees may apply.