Clarksville Home Inspection

Buying or Selling a home in Clarksville Tennessee?

Be sure your home inspection is conducted the way it should be.

I have resided in Clarksville Tennessee for the majority of my adult life.
Prior to becoming a home inspector, I was a real estate agent and an HVAC service engineer in the Clarksville Tennessee area.
I'm very familiar with the various construction styles you will find in the Clarksville area and I understand what it's like to buy your first home. I remember when your subdivision was an open field and a great place to quail hunt!  Many homes have been built in areas with poor drainage or sink holes! Information you will not find on public record!

If you are a member of the Armed Forces, your concerns and requirements are substantially different than in most real estate markets.  I purchased my first home in Clarksville as a Spc4. It didn't have a septic tank and it was  previously sold by the same real estate agent three times!  I specifically asked where the septic tank was, and she pointed out exactly where it was supposedly located!

Do not be rushed into a home purchase without an adequate inspection!