Home Inspection Standards of Pratice


This link addresses limitations of a Home Inspection often not fully understood by the homebuyer. Please review this article before proceeding with your Home Inspection.

This is an example of overall  Home Inspector Standards of Practice that is often incorporated in state home inspection laws as well. 

The State of Tennessee specifically addresses the  Home Inspector's responsibility to those areas visible in daylight or with a flashlight.

My Home Inspection Standard of Practice does not exclude HVAC Inspection as described in this article. 
I am certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to perform this additional service.

"Disclaimers" mentioned in this article is a technique used by many  Home Inspectors to pass their liability on to another contractor when they do not understand what they are inspecting. You're paying for a  Home Inspector to tell you to pay someone else to do their job!

If you're shopping for a  Home Inspector using the cost of inspection as a basis for your decision, reconsider.

I price my Home Inspections based upon what you want to know about the property, not based on its physical size and shape.

You will likely invest more in my Home Inspection, but you will receive substantially more information to base your decision on the single most important decision you may make; "should I buy this house"?

Experience, Education and available Test Equipment determines the effectiveness of your Home Inspection.
We have  the necessary tools to provide you the most extensive Home Inspection achivable in accordance with the Tennessee State Home Inspection Law.

If you are not one of the 90% of homebuyers who are referred to me by other satisfied clients, I can only give you my Personal Guarantee of Satisfaction!

I have developed a successful Home Inspection business 12 years ago without advertising! 

If you received a referral from your Real Estate Agent, it's because they have seen inspections I have conducted on their listings or have performed for their previous clients. I do not solicit inspections from Real Estate Agents as it can be a conflict of interest to both them and myself. 

Your Real Estate Agent should be working for you, not the Seller. Just as I am here to represent only your interests in this real estate transaction. 

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