What Does a Home Inspection Cover

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When I receive requests for home inspections, I find that most home buyers really do not know what they want from their home inspection, just that they need one.

When they do know they want, they want to know if the roof leaks, if the water heater works, and the condition of the heating and cooling systems.

These are all extremely expensive repairs that they are concerned about. Unfortunately inspections conducted in accordance with the Standards of Practice set by Local Governments and Home Inspection Associations do not adequately provide the information requested about these components!. 

The State of Tennessee stepped in to regulate the Home Inspection Industry a few years back which sets the minimum standard from which all home inspections must begin. This covers building components such as the structure, roof, electrical, plumbing, kitchen appliances, HVAC, etc.

 The home inspection process is similar to taking a used car, which you are intending to purchase to your mechanic and asking him to drive it around the block, but do not take anything apart or use any electronic test equipment to evaluate the condition and performance of the vehicle.

 Similarly a home inspection is a "test drive" where a home inspector operates everything that we would expect you to operate during homeownership and see if it functions as intended.

 Home Inspection Standards of Practice state that the Home Inspection is not "technically exhaustive".

 Home Inspectors are not required to calculate the strength, adequacy, or efficiency of any system or component.

 All too often a Home Inspector will defer further evaluation to another specialist/contractor without substantiated cause. This results in additional expense to you.

 We will not defer further investigation to an outside contractor without supporting evidence of the deficiency. We have highly technical equipment that even building contractors do not own or utilize. Our inspection reports specifically state (and document) what the problem is and what must be done to correct it, not just that it doesn't work and someone should further evaluated and repair it at an additional cost to you!

 Please take a look through the other areas on this site for details on services we provide. Definitively knowing if the roof leaks, if the water heater functions, and if the HVAC system is in proper working order can only be determined by advanced inspection procedures and equipment which is outside the scope of a basic home inspection. The inspection offered by most home inspectors will not adequately cover these issues.

These additional services raises the price of your inspection, but in the long run provides you with the information you need and the peace of mind you deserve when investing in your new home.

 For details on the minimum standards set by the State of Tennessee home inspection law (Inspection Standards begin on page 8): Click Here