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The Conventional Approaches to
"Going Green"

#1 Change your windows and doors: 
It always seems that window and door replacement is the first on the list. However Air Leaks around the old window framing is a much greater loss than the new window will save!

#2 More Efficient Appliances:
This is fine when you must change out an appliance, but is not a cost-effective approach to Energy Savings.

Is it as "Green" as we think?

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#3 Add More Insulation:
Insulation compresses with age and may not have been adequately installed in the first place. But how do you know where it is needed?

#4 Air Leakage Repairs:
This has the greatest effect on home energy losses. Air leaks occure at many places. 

#5 The Largest Problem of All:
Your HVAC system operates under high positive and negative pressures. Leaks not only blow conditioned air outdoors...

... but it pulls air indoors. Even right through the walls! You can't cool our house with hot attic air! 


There are other bad side effects associated with
HVAC - Air Duct Leakage also...
... Your Health!

Leaking HVAC systems cause a serious imbalance of air pressure in your house. This negative pressure draws in air from the attic (left) and the crawlspace - basement (right) which is likely to contain contaminates like Mold and Radon Gas!

Or a more direct approach like combustion gas back-drafting, dumping Carbon monoxide into the house!


This Analysis is NOT a Part of Any
Home Inspection Standard!

You must ask for it.

Very few Home Buyers consider an Energy / Building Performance Audit with a Home Inspection. It is one of those issues that are not normally considered as a repairable item by the Seller. 

However, you can see there are a lot of significant issues that are not covered in a Home Inspection or that are not 'required reporting' by your
Home Inspector!

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