Radon Testing

I have been trained in 'Radon Testing' and 'Radon Mitigation' from Auburn University.

I offer a 'same day' Radon Diagnostic test at the time of inspection. If you do not elect to have a 48 hour radon test to EPA standards for home purchase, this is a less expensive option that takes a "snapshot in time" to determine radon concentrations present at the time of the inspection. This test will help you to determine if you should consider follow-up testing in accordance with EPA protocol. 

Many home buyers do not elect to perform this important testing. 

We feel this is significant information you should know about your potential Real Estate purchase..


If the property has a Radon Mitigation System currently installed, the will determine if it is properly installed, functioning and conforms with the EPA mitigation standards.  

For more information about Radon visit: http://epa.gov/radon/pubs/consguid.html