Move In Certified Inspections for Buyers

Home Buyers Save Time and Money With Pre-Inspected Listings!

Advantages of buying a home that has been Move In Certified:

  • The inspection is done already and hosted online at

  • The inspection is paid for by the seller.

  • The report provides a more accurate, third-party view of the condition of the home prior to making an offer.

  • A seller inspection eliminates surprise defects.

  • Problems are corrected or at least acknowledged prior to making an offer on the home.

  • A seller inspection reduces the need for negotiations and 11th-hour re-negotiations.

  • The report might assist in acquiring financing.

  • A seller inspection allows the buyer to sweeten the offer without increasing the offering price by waiving inspections.


If you know the address of a Move In Certified property, you can download the report now.
Ask the seller or real estate agent for access to the inspection report!  It is hosted on